Fathers and Daughters

My dad, Doug Petry, happens to be a talented photographer. He’s been doing it all of my life.

I can recall all of the hikes we took on family vacations, waiting for him on a bench somewhere while he stopped and took pictures three bends back on the trail. He’s always been a flashlights and photography man –flashlights because gadgets are cool, and photography because any new camera accessory, piece of gear, lens or body — and he would be enraptured for months at a time. No one was safe from his three-hour vacation slide shows, and the walls of the house were decorated with his works of art.

It’s no wonder that I picked up some of those traits. I can see myself being the last one to any summit — three bends back on the trail. Although I’ve moved on from slideshow DVD’s, I have a propensity for blog posts and new websites every few hobbies. I love to share, and I love to get feedback.

It was natural that when Seth and Ann asked me to be their wedding photographer, I jumped at the chance — but only if Dad could be my second shooter. He dutifully took on the role of my number two, happy to put me in charge with only a few humorous jabs at the irony.

Click below to see all the ‘behind the scenes’ pics from the wedding. 😉


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