Final Business Cards

These last few weeks while I’ve been working on branding have been interesting. I showed you previously some iterations from my business card design, now I’m happy to share the final product!

In the end, it was helpful for me to step back and look at the overall design of the website. I tried out some different wordpress themes until one stuck, and then used that as a jumping off point for colours and fonts. I still wanted to work in some of my ‘style’ so I decided to use the Instax picture frame.

If you’ve done a session with me already, you know that at I give the client an Instax photo as a take away. Some times it can take a few weeks to finish editing photos, so I think it helps to have something physical to put on the fridge right after a photoshoot.  Since this is something hopefully unique to my brand, I highlighted it through the photos on the back of my card, and in the header for my facebook page.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Now I wait for the cards to come in the mail and hope they look alright when they’re card sized. 😉


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