Baby it’s Cold Outside: Tips for Winter Photos

Just because it’s frosty outside doesn’t mean outdoor photography is down for the count. Actually, the fog of your breath, frost on your eyelashes and the rouge in your cheeks can be quite appealing. If you’re willing to suffer a little for your portraits, don’t let a little winter get in the way.

Some things to remember:

  • The sun is setting around 4 these days, if you’re planning an outdoor shoot, magic hour is a little easier to come by. A simple google search is all that’s required to find the exact time of sunset in your city. Take a look and plan your shoot about an hour before sunset.
  • Dress for the cold! Work your scarves, mittens, and hat into your outfit and choose clothing that’s got texture and colour, embrace the weather! While you’re at it, you might as well bring along a cozy blanket.
  • Keep moving — it’ll keep you warm, and you’ll get great photos with lots of variety in your poses. Plus, you’ll feel more comfortable in front of the lens if you’re focusing on having fun.
  • Bring some props. In the winter you have all kinds of fun options, from a warm and cozy cup of coffee to a bundle of string lights or just a pile of snow for jumping into. Pay attention to your surroundings and what you might utilize.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, I’ve been collecting some on my Couples: Inspiration board on Pinterest.

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My Own Family Portraits

Since adopting our pup, Lola, three years ago, My husband and I have made a tradition out of the yearly family portrait (pets included). Every year we wrestle the animals onto the couch (new couch this year) and I pull out my trusty remote shutter release to make some memories.

I think it’s so important to document our little family. I love looking back, and you can bet this portrait gets a full page spread in our yearly photo album.

This year we waited a little longer then usual (the previous portraits were taken in February!) but I’m so glad we sat down and finally got it done. I think it’s our best portrait yet. I still can’t believe we got both Tommy (our cat) and Lola to look at the camera.

I was so happy with the results, a few days later I forced all of my cousins onto the couch to take another! Happy Thanksgiving!


Final Business Cards

These last few weeks while I’ve been working on branding have been interesting. I showed you previously some iterations from my business card design, now I’m happy to share the final product!

In the end, it was helpful for me to step back and look at the overall design of the website. I tried out some different wordpress themes until one stuck, and then used that as a jumping off point for colours and fonts. I still wanted to work in some of my ‘style’ so I decided to use the Instax picture frame.

If you’ve done a session with me already, you know that at I give the client an Instax photo as a take away. Some times it can take a few weeks to finish editing photos, so I think it helps to have something physical to put on the fridge right after a photoshoot.  Since this is something hopefully unique to my brand, I highlighted it through the photos on the back of my card, and in the header for my facebook page.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Now I wait for the cards to come in the mail and hope they look alright when they’re card sized. 😉

Business Cards

I’m working on some new business card designs for my photography services! Folks, branding is tough. I have a pretty neutral business card for my writing endeavors, but I’ve been thinking that a photography card should showcase a little of my style — but working that in whilst staying minimal is hard. I would love to have a card worthy of a fridge magnet but I’m stuck at the moment. Luckily, it’s inexpensive to order cards so I can replace them at any time.

In the meantime, I’m happily taking suggestions! 😉

Here is what I have so far: