Portraits: Kandice and Courtney

As a communications student at MacEwan one of the projects we’ve been tasked with is to update our LinkedIn profiles.

As a lifestyle and outfit blogger, I sometimes take for granted the fact that others don’t necessarily have tons of photos of themselves lying around. Since I’ve started taking portraits of friends, a thing I hear a lot is that they don’t have a lot of photos of themselves that they like, or that aren’t taken on selfie mode. It’s been my immense pleasure to see how a great photo can help instill confidence and self love!

I hope some of that comes through in the recent barrage of photo-shoots I’ve done on campus, providing some of my classmates with new portraits for those LinkedIn profiles.

Despite the fact I haven’t gotten to know these lovely ladies too well yet, I’ve seen their dedication and intelligence and I’m excited for whats in store for both Kandice and Courtney!


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