Portraits: Chris and Ruth

As a communications student at MacEwan one of the projects we’ve been tasked with is to update our LinkedIn profiles.

As a lifestyle and outfit blogger, I sometimes take for granted the fact that others don’t necessarily have tons of photos of themselves lying around. Since I’ve started taking portraits of friends, a thing I hear a lot is that they don’t have a lot of photos of themselves that they like, or that aren’t taken on selfie mode. It’s been my immense pleasure to see how a great photo can help instill confidence and self love!

I hope some of that comes through in the recent barrage of photo-shoots I’ve done on campus, providing some of my classmates with new portraits for those LinkedIn profiles.

Both Chris and Ruth have the misfortune (luck?) of working with me in several groups including our small business project. It’s been great to get to know both lovely people, Chris, who is developing new skills to compliment an expansive career in the local gaming industry and also happens to be a genuinely nice guy (who loves cats), and Ruth who is an intelligent, enthusiastic woman who was lots of fun to shoot with. She was smiling ear to ear and actually laughed at my jokes. 😉


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