Family Portrait 2018

Our 2018 family portrait maaay have been done in January 2019. I told you last year it was getting pushed further and further. We had a pretty good reason this time around. I was about ready to pop! After 8 months of misery, I was actually feeling really good towards the end. What better excuse does one need to catch up on much needed portraits! Our 2019 family portrait will look very different!



New post on the portfolio side of the site! Check out the work I did recently for Edmonton’s Next Gen, PechaKucha Night. The annual event brings people together to share ideas through a series of 7 minute talks. PechaKucha is Japanese for chit-chat and the short presentations force speakers to be concise, kinda like the Twitter word limit.¬† ūüėČ


Family Portrait 2017

It’s a tradition in the Petry-Jewell home to do a family portrait once a year. I used to make a point of doing them in February, but it seems to keep getting pushed later and later — we did our family portrait this year (above) in the last week of December!

It can be hard to wrangle two people and two pets, especially when natural light is at a premium in the winter months. The above pictures are full of little changes I don’t think about until looking at them in the context of our previous yearly pics (below). Check out the new couch, and a completely different backdrop! Still wish I’d remembered to move that fan…

The Muttart Conservatory at Night

A few weeks ago my family kicked off the holidays by attending a free membership appreciation event at the Muttart Conservatory.

If you’ve never had the pleasure, It’s a sweet little place, a real gem in Edmonton’s river valley. My husband and I had some of our first dates at the Muttart, and I’ve been going since I was a child. Typically, my family would choose a sunny winter afternoon to visit — when we were most missing the green of summer.

One time we’ve never been is at night! Of course, it was scarcely five pm, but it was dark as night. The pyramids certainly took on a different feeling whilst lit only by soft twinkle lights and Christmas decor. It was very romantic and definitely got me thinking about the holidays.

Friends in Front of the Lens

Two of my dearest friends stopped by recently for a mini photo shoot. We didn’t have a lot of time — or light– to get fancy,¬†so we made do with what we had: a little left over sun and willingness to brave the cold.

Amy and Beth are two lovely souls and it was a pleasure to force them before my lens. I can’t wait to take more photos of these ladies in a more formal setting.

As you can see, Amy is a dancer whose gracefulness and poise is rivaled only by her grin. Beth is a scientist with a serious brain for rocks and silliness and, I think, a budding model, no?


Saturdays are for Doughnuts

edited-1Despite being about as Canadian as they come, I’m not a Tim Horton’s gal. No, my heart belongs to a more delectable, gourmet treat then the pre-made pastries that are sold under that glass counter. I’m a local gourmet doughnut-aholic.

My affections currently belong to Moonshine Doughnuts, sadly, I am very bad at waking up in time to buy them. Lucky for me, this weeks market include the option to pre-order. My hubby and I paid for our doughnuts on Friday and slept in on market day. Truly, the way Saturdays are meant to be spent.

Did you know I take outfit photos every now and then? See more of the outfit details on my blog, Light a Candle.



Final Business Cards

These last few weeks while I’ve been working on branding have been interesting. I showed you previously some iterations from my business card design, now I’m happy to share the final product!

In the end, it was helpful for me to step back and look at the overall design of the website.¬†I tried out some different wordpress themes until one stuck, and then used that as a jumping off point for colours and fonts. I still wanted to work in some of my ‘style’ so I decided to use the Instax picture frame.

If you’ve done a session with me already, you know that at I give the client an Instax photo as a take away. Some times it can take a few weeks to finish editing photos, so I think it helps to have something physical to¬†put on the fridge right after a photoshoot. ¬†Since this is something hopefully unique to my brand, I highlighted it through the photos on the back of my card, and in the header for my facebook page.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Now I wait for the cards to come in the mail and hope they look alright when they’re card sized. ūüėČ